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Drawn by fantasy map illustrator Takayuki Imaizumi and city designer Masaya Sanmonji Asian City Perspective Exhibition

In an era when you can’t go out into the world as you normally would, is it enough to work and sightsee remotely? Small things that make up a city, like the delicious scents from food stalls where people converse in different languages, feel like a thing of the distant past now, along with the other elements of a city that only come alive with its citizens. This exhibition was created as a way of reminding people of the atmosphere of places they might have forgotten.

Over the past 12 months, people have come to understand the difference between experiencing a place from a distance and exploring it up close. Through this collaboration between geographer and fantasy map illustrator Takayuki Imaizumi and urban city designer Masaya Sanmonji, people will come one step closer to experiencing cities around Asia all in one place.

Imaizumi has been drawing fantasy maps since age 7, while Sanmonji runs his own shops and food stalls as well as working on international and local urban design projects. To create their amalgamation of real cities and fantasy worlds, Imaizumi and Sanmonji took the time to study the different lifestyles of locals as well as the history of the places they visited around Asia. Drifting between concepts of fantasy and reality, the two creatives identified the unique aspects of each region and combined them to make a ‘city perspective map’. Their collaborative work will be exhibited for the first time at Shibuya’s multicultural tourist information centre Shibuya-san.  

Shibuya-san was established in December 2019 as a tourist information centre based in front of Shibuya Station (beside Shibuya Fukuras). It was designed to help connect visitors to the cultural hotspots of the surrounding neighbourhood as well as other parts of Tokyo. There are international staff on site to assist you if necessary. It also serves as a space where creators from around the world can exhibit their work and people can stop by for coffee and cocktails and learn about everything Tokyo has to offer.