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shibuya-san First Anniversary Live

“Heartwarming performance presented by the theatrical company Petecan!”

■Date and time:
12/5(Sat)14:00~ 16:00~ 18:00~

■Venue: shibuya-san

■Artist: Theatrical Company Petecan

Now that we can’t physically travel abroad, let us take you on an imaginary trip to new cities!
From shibuya-san, we will provide a LIVE performance that allows you to experience a trip without leaving the city.

*Admission is free
*Capacity up to 15 people (First-come-first served basis)
*Online live by instagram

A 25-year-old theater company that depicts daily sceneries and ordinary people through comedy and laughters. Last March, Kyotaro Yanagiya’s new story “Until the hamburger was made” was staged and gained popularity.