“Voice and guitar”

■Date and time: 10/29(Thu)18:30~ 10/30(Fri)18:30~
(The performance will last about 30 minutes)

Kobayashi Mie
Ishiyama Osamu

*Admission is free
*Capacity up to 15 people (First-come-first served basis)
*Online live by instagram

Kobayashi Mie (recitation) performs on the stage and television. Recently, she has been actively engaged in live reading performances and music activities as well.
Ishiyama Osamu (guitar) composes a wide range of music genres, such as small ensembles, full orchestras, anime and games, with a focus on stage and film music. As a guitarist, he is energetically active and collaborates with artists in different fields.

Now that we can’t physically travel abroad, let us take you on an imaginary trip to new cities! From shibuya-san, we will provide a LIVE performance that allows you to experience a trip without leaving the city.