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■Date and time
9/18 (Fri) 18: 30- (Performance is scheduled for about 30 minutes)
“Argentina Travelogue-With Tango Piano”

Now that I can’t go on a trip.
From shibuya-san, let’s imagine a new trip with a feeling of uncertainties about the city we want to visit.
I will provide it. LIVE performance that allows you to experience a trip without going on a trip.

*Admission is free.
*Capacity 15 people. (First-come-first-served basis)
*Online live by Instagram.

Moeri Kobayashi

Born in Ibaraki prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo College of Music. He has won multiple competitions so far. He has performed in several concerts with local performers in the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Argentina with classical and tango. Currently active in solo, chamber music concerts, life, etc.