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Going beyond the places where people “buy”, this creates a place for individuals who create wonderful brands and goods to gather and connect. This is “Shibuya Monokotogatari”. We will invite successful brand designers at Tokyu Plaza, hoping that hearing about the stories hidden behind their works and goods will lead to your success as well. If you are someone who enjoys creating and making, if you want to take a step forward or support those who do, please participate. Let’s take a step forward together.

-Date: January 31st, 2020 (Friday)
7:00 PM: Shibuya Monokotogatari starts
7:10 PM: Explanation of Shibuya Monokotogatari
7:20 PM: Introduction of brand stories
8:00 PM: Talk Session, Q&A
8:20 PM: Networking
9:00 PM: Photos & Closing

-Venue: Shibuya-san

【List of Participating Brands】

Representatives and designers from each brand