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In Japan, there is a tradition to visit a shrine during New Years called ‘Hatsumode’. Japanese people visit thier local shrine and say thier thanks for last year and pray for safety and luck for the new year. We would love for tourists visiting during this time to also experience this tradition, so at shibuya-san we will hold a Shrine Tour.

・Traditional shrine tour in Shibuya December 28th – 31st, Janurary 3rd – 14th

・14:00 meet at shibuya-san 15:30 disband at shibuya-san

・Minimum no. of organizers: 1 to 15 people. It is a free event.

・Course: shibuya-san → Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine → shibuya-san 1/11-1/14 will be a special course to go to Kokugakuin University Museum after Konnoh Hachimangu Shrine.

・Supervision: Kokugakuin University Museum

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