Drink Menu

  • Frozen Pineapple Coronarita

    A frozen cocktail of pineapple and jasmine tea, with a small Corona beer (a “Coronita”) stuck in upside down.

    Coronarita: name of cocktails that use Coronita

  • Amazake Spicy Chai

    A unique chai tea made using Assam tea and spices with a formula of multiple amazake varieties.

    Spices: Cinnamon, cardamom, anise, red pepper, ginger, and more

  • Amazake Frozen Spicy Chai

    A frozen drink of spicy chai made with amazake. Can be made into a frozen cocktail by adding rum.

  • Citrus Jasmine Tea and Rose Hip Gelatin

    Refreshingly sour rose hip gelatin added to jasmine tea, made with the highest quality tea leaves.

  • Kyoto Matcha Latte with Shanghai Deep-sea Gelatin

    Butterfly pea tea gelatin, milk, and organic matcha powdered tea